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The Next Tour

Locations and Dates

19 December 2019 – London, UK

London is one of the best places to host a concert and Crowbar knows that. The band was in London before and the support from its local fan base was astonishing. Therefore, members have decided to include London on their maps.

23 December 2019 – Glasgow, UK

The Scottish could not be left behind. Crowbar has a large fan club in Glasgow – could be the biggest fan club in the entire UK. All in all, one thing is for sure – Crowbar will perform there, yet the venue is still to be decided.

27 December 2019 – Lyon, France

Lyon is one of the largest cities in France. It is quite far from other major cities, so many fans would not make the effort to travel too much. The good news is that Crowbar has included this beautiful city in its tour.

5 January 2020 – Milan, Italy

Milan is the capital of fashion and less likely to be overcrowded with tourists like in the summertime. This will be the first concert of 2020. It is the only concert being organized in Italy, so fans should book tickets early.

21 December 2019 – Manchester, UK

When it comes to music in the UK, Manchester should be the capital, as the music is everywhere. Furthermore, Crowbar had fans from Manchester attending the concert from London, so the band decided to join in this time.

26 December 2019 – Bordeaux, France

Crowbar’s European tour has a few locations in the UK, as well as a few locations around the entire Europe. The band has never been so excited, especially as it mostly performs around the USA and not abroad.

29 December 2019 – Brussels, Belgium

Just like many other locations in the upcoming tour, Brussels is a relatively new option for Crowbar. While band members have visited the beautiful Belgium before, this will be the first time they actually perform live in there.

12 January 2020 – Barcelona, Spain

While the sludge metal style is not that popular in Spain, Crowbar has a big fan club over there. Based in Barcelona, the fan club will be seriously involved with the organization of this concert. Hopefully, it will close the tour by the book.