Are You A Vaping Newbie? Know the Common Mistakes You Must Avoid!
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Are You A Vaping Newbie? Know the Common Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Habits are hard to be changed, especially when they turn into an addiction. It is one of the toughest tasks to get rid of addictions like smoking. Though FDA does not consider electronic cigarettes or vapes as an alternative for a cigarette. Millions of smokers across the globe believe that vaping has helped them avoid a cigarette. However, a newbie does not find the vape to be useful. If you are one of those newbies, then check whether you vape correctly or not.

1. Do you choose the right e-liquid?

There are thousands of flavors of vape juice available in the market and therefore it is really necessary that you choose the right one. For buying the right vape juice, you can visit this online vape shop here. Sometimes, the liquids that the newbie purchases delight their taste buds in few initial vapes but leaves a bad after taste. Hence, it is necessary to buy vape juices with the right PG/VG ratio (propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerine).

2. What’s the nicotine concentration of the vape?

Usually, vapes contain a nicotine concentration of 24mg but it can also be higher. Moreover, zero nicotine vapes are also available in the market. Heavy nicotine concentration in vape juice can lead to headache, nausea or other side effects whereas less amount of nicotine can make the vaping unsatisfying.

Hence, a vaper or newbie should follow a simple rule while deciding the concentration of nicotine.

  • Light smokers – people who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day are considered as light smokers. They should have a nicotine concentration of 3mg in their vape.
  • Medium smokers – these are those people who smoke between 10 to 20 cigarettes a day. They should choose a nicotine concentration of 12 mg in their vape juice.
  • Heavy smokers- heavy smokers can smoke more than 20 cigarettes in a day. Hence the concentration of nicotine in there vape should be 18mg.

3. Did you buy the right starter kit?

Buying the right e-cig or starter kit is the most important thing as well as the cause to keep vaping. Do not buy the cheapest e-cig, it can ruin your experience. Make some savings and buy a starter kit that won’t cost your life and will be durable.

4. Do you carry an activated vapor pen in your pocket?

Vape mods might have an on and off button on their side. Never carry an activated e-cig in your pocket. It can reduce the battery life and cause exposition of vape juices.

5. Vaping as if you are smoking?

“don’t vape as you smoke”. The common distinctive difference between smoking and vaping is the way of inhalation. Smokers tend to take either short or long, sharp as well as hard draws whereas vapers use gentle, slower and long puffing action. However, if you mix the process you are going to have an embarrassing respiratory complication, vapor cough.

6. Remember to prime your coils

Not priming the coil can damage it before use. To prime the coil, you just need to drip vape juice on the coil through wicking ports. Install it in the pen and fill the tank to start the vape.

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