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Who we are

Crowbar was established in 1990. It was nothing new for its members back then, who were all involved in different projects – until one day, when they decided to go in the same directions. The band came to life in New Orleans, Louisiana. It adopted a sludge metal style, which has not changed at all since then. Obviously, various influences in the music industry have also affected this style, which kept reinventing itself for a while. Luckily, everything settled down about a decade ago. These days, you will experience a doom metal sound featuring low and slow instruments, as well as aggressive influences from hardcore punk.

To make things easier to understand, Crowbar is one of the few bands that established this new genre in the early 1990s. Crowbar was a main player on the market, but other big names have decided to join the fun and help the style establish itself. Names like Soilent Green, Down, Evehategod or Acid Bath were part of the same trend. Based on the popularity and stability of sludge metal, it looks like Crowbar has succeeded through hard work and ambition.

Members and Albums

These days, Crowbar counts not more than five members. Three of them represent the core of the band though – Matt Brunson, Tommy Buckley and Kirk Windstein. There are two other members, yet they do not show their faces too often – Shane Wesley (MC) and Todd Strange, who only works in the studio. The band had to go through a few struggles throughout its existence. For example, it changes not less than 10 members overtime. Names like Tony Costanza, Steve Gibb or Rex Brown have also been around for a while. Crowbar has released 11 albums, as well as a medley album based on live music and its most popular songs.